24/7 Abuse Contact : +49 5424 211 97 22


e-mail : abuse@measurement.network

Abuse Policy

measurement.network provides a platform for conducting active network measurements. This includes measurements for new research projects, as well as network measurements in the process of artifact evaluation.

Reduction of Harm

We do not intend to cause harm or disturbances to networks. To do so, we follow best practices in terms of probe attribution, randomization of probes, rate-limiting, and curating an opt-out list. Furthermore, all measurements undergo a review process, including evaluating them for potential harm. For artifact evaluations, only measurements that have been cleared or exempted by the original authors’ IRB for papers that already passed peer-review may be run, and should generally be run at a reduced scope in comparison to the original study.

Our site lists all ongoing measurements, together with the specific subnets from which they originate. This list includes the type of measurement, the purpose or research question, and the expected duration/frequency. Furthermore, the corresponding INETNUM and INET6NUM objects carry the same information.

Abuse Contact

If you experience disturbances originating from measurement.network / prefixes originated by AS211286, please contact abuse@measurement.network / +49 5424 211 97 22 in case of urgent issues/ongoing incidents.


Our opt-out page lists mechanics for opting out of our measurements on various layers.

Policy on Abuse

Concerning malicious behavior by users, we use the same policy as the NLnog Ring:

Abusing the trust other organisations give you is absolutely forbidden. We apply a ‘zero tolerance’ policy, which means that after the first incident you will be permanently banned from the project. If the [Admins] discover or are notified about an abuse incident they will contact the owners of the machine on which the abuse took place and fully disclose what happened and who was involved.

Adjusted quote of the NLnog Ring abuse policy

In addition, for the artifact evaluation system, and all infrastructure components, the following holds:

You break it, you fix it.

Meaning: A friendly unrequested security evaluation by a user is no big deal. If you break things, don’t snoop in data and send patches. Repeated offenders will be recruited into the admin team.