24/7 Abuse Contact : +49 5424 211 97 22


e-mail : abuse@measurement.network


The most direct way to an opt-out is an email to abuse@measurement.network. We will usually handle your request within 24h. Apart from that, several protocol specific mechanics exist.

Routing / BGP

Filtering AS211286

You can always filter all paths that contain AS211286. Similarly, you can null-route our prefixes. Please do not do this if you are an upstream provider for others who may not want to opt-out.

BGP Community (Implementation Pending)

Our border routers will refuse importing any prefix received from the outside that has the BGP large-community 211286:211286:211286 set, making that specific prefix unreachable as long as it reaches us with that community.


If you want to prevent DNS lookups related to our measurement setup, you can simply block everything under measurement.network. As the name-servers for any other domain we may use will be exclusively under that domain, this will effectively prevent DNS access for our zones. The same effect is reached by the blackholing approach outlined above.


Whole Mail Server

E-Mail measurements will originate from AS211286 and will use a local part plus a domain under measurement.network as the sender. Blocking everything under this domain should not incur any collateral damage.

Individual E-Mail Account: Opt-Out Link

All emails we originate include a personal opt-out link. Following the user flow will lead to your address being permanently blocked.

Individual E-Mail Account: Preemptive Opt-Out (Implementation Pending)

Even though we have strict rules on permissible e-mails that may be sent in measurements, usually requiring messages being requested, we cannot rule out that a future active measurement may send emails to end-users. Furthermore, even on our opt-in pages, another person may enter your email address to start a measurement.

If you want to ensure that you will not receive emails from us, you can send a message to email-optout@measurement.network. An automated system will then add your address to a block-list.

Implications of an Opt-Out

Please note that AS211286 has been explicitly designed to be easy to (selectively) block. Hence, if you decide to implement any of the above techniques or request an IP-level block, you will not be able to communicate with measurement.network. This includes DNS, E-Mail, and access to this site. Hence, please do not be surprised if, e.g., you do not receive a confirmation of your opt-out request. Instead, please feel free to verify the correct implementation of your opt-out by our systems having become unreachable.

Opting-In Again

If you want to opt-in again, please ask a third party that does not have us blocked to get into contact. We will then relay an out-of-band communication channel.

Blocklist Maintenance

We continuously maintain our block-lists. While individuals and small entities will never be excluded from the block-list, we will occassionally follow up with large operators to:

  1. Check if the opt-out is still desired.
  2. Check if new resources should be added to the block-list.

Again, this only takes place for large operators. As a rule of thumb, we will contact you again if your organization is large enough to have an abuse department.