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Good question. Mostly, because I grew frustrated with several aspects of academic network measurements, and figured that this might help.

Who is behind this?

At the moment, just me. Tobias Fiebig, something between networks, humans, and security-researcher. As soon as I have enough basic infrastructure setup to get things going, I am going to annoy a few more people about participating in, e.g., reviewing and operating things.

Ultimately, the project should ‘move on’ to an independent form of (self-)governance. But… first getting things working…

How to help?

At the moment, mostly hardware (especially full-table capable 10gE+ line-rate routers and Server GPUs), more rack space (with power) at different locations, and transit/L2 transport between locations are needed.

For the future, I will also call out for people willing to review (and supervise 😉 ) measurements, as well as in general people willing to run this thing.

How is this funded?

Currently this whole setup is mostly funded personally, with some contributions in the form of upstream (LWLcom & OpenFactory) and IPv4 addresses (DFN/MPI-INF). Hopefully, there will be more when this things demonstrates its general use. 😉

How can I opt-out from scans?

Please see the opt-out page. You can also always email abuse@measurement.network. If this is not quick enough for you, you can always block our ASN, prefixes and domains. The good thing about measurement.network is that those won’t show up with anything not related to (measurement) research in the foreseeable future.

Which prefixes do you use?

The ones we list:

  • ASN:
  • IPv4:
  • IPv6:
    • 2a0d:8d04::/32
  • Domains:
    • measurement.network

Who can use your services?

Basically, everyone who does research not-for-profit. More details in our statutes.

Rule of thumb: If you make or want to make a profit with your activities, we do not really feel like supporting you for free. 😉

Things are in flux, though, and the final stance on, e.g., requiring open-access publications for venues that need review/artifact evaluation support is not yet out.

What does this cost?

I am not really planning to charge, and if that ever ends up being necessary, it will be on a cost-reimbursement-level. Still, that deal only holds for good-for-the-community-not-for-profit-things.